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There have been so many FPS games in the market , to best meet the needs of their players, developers keep trying to choose perfect themes for their games ,their effort has greatly prospered this genre, this article is not from esthetical perspective , b
There have been so many FPS games in the market ,  to best meet the needs of their players, developers keep trying to choose perfect themes for their games ,their effort has greatly prospered this genre, this article is not from esthetical perspective , but using the world structures , characters and stories to sort through FPS themes 
1.War & Military fiction:this category pictures the warfare between human beings , with a wide range of materials to adopt that can meet many people's appetite 
  • Historical war fiction: The famous wars in history are mainly the sources of this category , there are games based on the WWII like Call of Duty 1-3,Call of Duty 5,Medal of Honor games that come out before 2010, Battlefield 1942/1943/Bad Company 2,also the pioneer FPS - Wolfenstein series,which demonizes Nazi Germany, introduce strong sci-fi elements like undead army and xenoworld portal to the game
  • Modern military fiction: It utilizes Intense between Russia and US since the cold war , and conflict between Western and Middle East countries to create an imaginary battlefield where the protagonist fights terrorist or ultranationalists , games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare,Black OPS series,Battlefield 2-4/Bad Company series,SWAT series,Tom Clancy's Rainbow six/Ghost Recon series,and Counter-Strike,Delta force,I.G.I series all belong to this category
  • Future war fiction: it's about the conflict between the rising power such as North Korean,China and western super powers In the future world , like Call of Duty :Advance Warfare/Ghost
  • Faction fiction:games like Killzone series , Titan Fall, Battlefield 2142 and Team Fortress series ,  they depict two imaginary factions fighting each other for territory and resources 



2.Sci-Fi horror
     As the apocalypse setting gets more and more popular across all media, FPS games having sci-fi horror aura also become flourished , though the gun fighting and combat action factors make it impossible to render horror like what they do in Manhunt or Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, the combination of realistic graphic and movie class sound effect also produces terrifying and exciting scenes in FPS games. In this category , players must take limited supply and equipment to fight hideous monsters,  and pay attention to the 'surprises' that level designer put into , classic ones are like  Doom,Left 4 dead series,The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct,zombie U,Alien: Isolation and S.T.A.L.K.E.R series
3.Invasion Sci-Fi
     Except horror ones , there are other Sci-Fi FPS of which the game world invaded or occupied by alien enemies , this kind of category is so commonly seen ,  like Halo,Duke Nukem,Serious Sam,Quake,Unreal Tournament,Resistance,Alien versus Predator ,Metroid series and Destiny,Metro 2033
4.Dystopian fiction
     Dystopian world is so welcomed for its dramatic conflict,it's usually based on the development of specific technology , like machinery,gene biology,military,nanotech etc.  Because of the abuse of them , people living in it are facing a collapsed society , meanwhile super big company , despotic government or careerist promises improvement of the world while monopoly and oppress are everywhere , so people who are unwilling to compromise (mostly lead by players) rise and fight for real freedom, this kind of setting or other similar ones are commonly seen in this category,such as System Shock、Bioshock、Crysis、Half-life、Portal、Fallout、Deus-ex、Borderlands series,and more realistic Far Cry series

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