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Robot Avoidance Testing II

My 2nd post about my robot avoidance work on my Bud the Spud game from my official Game development blog. 2nd post shared here.

Michael Knight, Blogger

April 23, 2012

1 Min Read

I mentioned earlier today about needing to add something extra along this passageway in order to make getting past the toy wind up robot a little more difficult for Bud the Spud. I went with the kite as a good object because it's long and a good size to lean up against the Tree House wall and rotate it's angle a little to take up space in the passageway making it more narrow and cluttered. The robot is still pretty easy to avoid but if you are not careful you'll get Bud "Zapped!" And since they are just stupid wind up toys don't forget that they dish out quite a bit of punishment which more than makes up for their simple minded nature ;)

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