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Rigging and Skinning!

I started reading the book The essential Blender, I'm now working on creating my own animated skeleton!

James Cullen, Blogger

May 19, 2010

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Wow, I just checked my last blog entry and it was 11 days ago. This Blog is great for keeping track my progress!  I picked up The essential Blender and started reading through the book hoping to be able to at the very least import content into blender review it, and maybe save that content into Unity.  


As I read through the book I started understanding how to manipulate simple objects. I have been wanting an animated skeleton as one of my primary models. I've been able to work through the rigging and skinning portion of the book. 


Here's my skeleton with the rigging, and with the rigging hidden!



Next up is animation!  :)

Jim Cullen

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