Reviews of the games I have been playing lately!!

Since I haven't had a console in a while, and I got my Xbox finally, I've been playing every game I've been wanting to play. In this blog, I'll review three of them (so I don't make it too crazy long). Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Mortal Kombat 9.

So, I had been without a console fot WAAAAAY longer than is healthy. So, as soon as I was able to get my Xbox 360, I was all over it!

Arkham Asylum -

I had heard a lot of good things, and I thought to myself, "It can't be THAT good.."

It is. Really. From the art side, it's beautifully designed, especially the characters. It has a wonderfully dark comic-book style that anyone would love. My favorite Batman character has always been Harley Quinn, and not only is she a main villian in the game, her design and development are fantastic! The animation, which is what I concentrate the most on, (you will begin to find out) is way above par. The fluid movement of everything, even the walk cycle and Batman's cape, had me salivating. Then, I saw the combat animations, and just about died. ^___^

From the gameplay side, it has three levels of difficulty, so anyone from the newb to the vet can enjoy playing it. It's great fun swinging and gliding through Arkham Asylum and the Island. It's not just a button masher. You have to actually use your brain or, you will die (on any difficulty level). The riddler trophies give brain ticklers as well. The free-flow combat makes fights look fluid as well as making it possible to get greater combos.

I also really enjoyed the mind bender side of it. Sometimes you think Batman might be going crazy, and at times..I find myself doubting my own sanity. HA HA HA! The parts with Scarecrows fear gas mostly.

It's definately a game I could play several times, and still enjoy it!

Arkham City -

I figured it would be logical to follow up with the sequel.

This time, the villians are lose in a part of Gotham City that has been turned into extra space for the Asylum. However, Now you have to deal with Joker AND Dr. Strange! What a mess! Like the previous game, the design is stellar. This time you have much more free space to fly around in. I find Harley's design in this one to be a great leap forward, although I did like the design in Arkham Asylum, she just looks WAY cool in this one.

They really pushed the design and gameplay in this one too. Since I already gushed about that in the previous review, that's all I will say. Catwoman and Robin are in this one as playable characters, which I think is awesome... I think they should have a Harley Quinn playable DLC! Come on guys! Get it done! ^__^

Mortal Kombat 9 -

Ok, so I've been a huge fan of MK since...well forever. It's got to be the most resilent
game ever, taking such huge heat at first for being so violent and bloody. At first, I liked it for the martial arts, even though the first game was way to new to have any really good stuff, but I have been a loyal fan, and I've watched the evolution of the the games series, with much delight! Yes, it's bloody and violent, but kind of why I like it.

So, now to the review for Mortal Kombat 9 by itself. I think it was a GREAT idea for them to bring back to old arcade 2D-ish style of fighting. While i enjoyed the ability to fully circle your enemy in the couple games before, it was a refreshing return to retro yumminess. As always the martial arts are pretty awesome! I hear some complain that they are too slow, but in reality, they are pretty close to the real thing, and that's way I like that so much.

CYBER SUB-ZERO! 'Nuff said...

I really like the story-mode in this one. They pretty much cover the entire story of all MK games, and was very entertaining reliving the complex and dramatic story over again. ^__^

There is also a Fatality training area, where you can learn how to do Fatalities correctly. Which I think was a great idea because, like me, many players had a realy hard time getting them right, so didn't really get to see them very often. Kudos!

And of course, the coolest part I saved for last... The new X-ray move... The first time I saw this extra powerful power-up attack, I almost fell off my chair. Not only does it take a pretty big chunk of life from your opponent, but it SHOWS the bones as you break them. AHHHH! So sweet. I sound a bit warped, but ask any true MK fan, and they will say the same. Ha ha ha!

That's it for now! Next time I'll review A.C. Revelations, Eternal Sonata and L.A. Noire. See you next time!

"Do weird and difficult things."

-Masaya Matsuura

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