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Real-time Stereoscopic Browser apps?

What if you could build a simple web page that could deliver breathtaking real-time 3D stereoscopic texture-mapped browser apps to your users?

dominic cerisano, Blogger

July 20, 2010

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Since Oracle has been "letting the dogs out" on the old Java Applet architecture, new possibilities have emerged for this delivery platform.

Previously, applets were restricted in memory size, limiting their usefulness in modern game developement.


Actual screenshot from Standard Orbit

Actual screenshot from Standard Orbit

No more.

Formerly unimaginable applet-based technologies are now emerging, giving us all a glimpse into Gosling's vision of the Applet - a true browser based delivery platform for any application - even up to the scale of current gaming demands.

The ubiquitous filthy rich client is finally here.

Hand-held devices (eg. Droids - which are Java based) are not yet up to the challenge of many high end gaming apps.

The not-so-lowly  Applet with its new powerful capabilities is ready for the next gen of devices that will hopefully include  floating point processors (FPU). This would make them (eg. Droids)  true computers (or at least filthy rich clients)

An example of an application previously considered too hefty for the old thin client applets is Standard Orbit from Standard3D.com

This is a true real-time 3D stereoscopic browser app. It is filthy rich. 3D Anaglyph texture mapping powered by double precision floating point accuracy.

Just a standard VGA graphics card is required - no 3D accelerators, OpenGL or DirectX, etc. Java does it all on a mere 2MHz CPU (with FPU!). 

Simple red-blue glasses can easily be purchased or even home-made. Its a real head snapper. Especially on a modern tower, laptop, or even netbook.

Gosling cast his pearls before an audience of dot-commers completely unprepared for the scope of his vision.

Is the new generation ready for a glimpse?

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