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Portfolio work: 1B7V

1B7V, experimental gameplay on the theme of extinction of morales.

Louis Png, Blogger

January 25, 2012

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With the Global Game Jam coming over the weekend, I will like to share my previous game idea.

The theme for the GGJ2011 was extinction, and after half a day of conceptualizing, I took on the theme of extinction of values.

To demonstrate the point, the values used are the 7 holy virtues: Temperance, Patience, Humility, Chastity, Diligence, Charity and Kindness.

The controls are simple, with only the use of one mouse, players go through 7 stages that will test their values. However, due to time constraint, I was only able to produce 4 tests, Patience, Temperance, Chastity and Diligence.

In each of the stages, players are presented with a simple red button, and an explanation of the virtue will be given to help player understand what the virtue is about. I hoped to achieve

Patience: Capable of waiting

In the patience stage, I test the player through the simplest form, waiting for a period of time.

The consideration I took was to make use of the fact that players nowadays have an expectation that most games have an immediate feedback, such as hitting an object will create an audio or effect. Twisting that psychology, I wish to demonstrate to show, how players will see the fact that with so many polish and graphics in a game, we tend to forget how impatient we became.

Temperance: Capable of control over temptation

In the temperance stage, players are tested through the act of not collecting any items that will might seem to be helpful.

Once again, in this age of gaming, where quantity of content is abundant, players are invited to hold back on what might appear to be attractive items, but to focus on the red button that will give them success.

Diligence: Work for what you seek

In the stage of diligence, players are given a massive amount of the red button, and players were intended to really work hard and find the one button. If they clicked one of the dummy buttons, the buttons will reset and appear randomly over.

While it certainly will be a tedious and long task, it should serve to prove a player's diligence.

The last virtue, Chastity, challenges what majority of the game players lust for: sex.

For this test, I had a bit of a difficulty, considering that the game had to be accessible yet not too controversial. So I get one of my friends, Ramdhan to draw out a female figure, in a lewd pose, and challenge players to maintain their chastity by not doing the wrong action.


In conclusion, the game is supposed to be a anti-game, where every aspects that made a game interesting is removed to help show how gaming can be a "morally sinful" item. Certainly, this game may not be fun, but it's not my intention for it to be, but rather a mirror of objectives and what we are becoming from exposure to other games. The design certainly wasn't easy, but I felt that it does hold a meaning and let me see the way a game can be used beyond entertainment.

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