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Plans for the Cursed World Anceridd RPG

James Fuller, CEO of Anti Eye Craft Gaming, reveals his plans for the Cursed World Anceridd RPG.

James Fuller, Blogger

March 14, 2017

2 Min Read

Greetings. This is the blog where I'll be explaining what my plans are for the fantasy RPG, Cursed World Anceridd.

In the game the player starts off as a young boy but I'm planning to allow the player to switch between the boy and girl heroes. This might be very interesting since I'm thinking about coding separate sword "slots" that will allow the male and female heroes to carry a different weapon but since I am new to making a RPG I do not know if this concept will make it to the beta.

I really want there to be just over 30 weapons in the game and I will work hard to make sure to include these but I do not completely promise that there'll be that many weapons in-game.

Since I am in charge of a small indie group there is a high chance that certain things might not make it into the final game but I really will try my hardest to fit 50 monsters into this game. These monsters will be on the overworld and I hope that I can get the game to work properly with this many enemies. If a serious issue arrises then I'll have to remove some monsters.

Now about the story, I want the player to have almost complete control on how the story will end. I plan to add something to the game that will change the ending depending on this feature.

There are tons of things that Anti Eye Craft Gaming is working on to make the game come together and look good. 

I have worked tirelessly to make the game look appealing to the player. Below is a screenshot:

This is currently how the game appears but I do plan on adding some UI to the screen and some other features such as in-game cash that you can recieve from monsters or something else.

That is all I can tell you for now. Please tell me you opinions in the comments below.

James Fuller is the CEO of Anti Eye Craft Gaming.

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