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Pixel Kingdom: An Indie Developer's Biggest Game Yet

Pixel Kingdom is my biggest project yet, with easily 20 times the content of my previous games. It's a shame the Kickstarter will most likely not be funded, but that won't stop development.

Sean Young, Blogger

January 18, 2013

3 Min Read

I have this habit of hating my games when I am done with them. Probably because to me there is always something more I can add to a game before releasing it, and the game seems incomplete. My previous games I absolutely despise because although I am proud of how they came out visually, they just didn't have any depth. That changes with Pixel Kingdom. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/293140109/pixel-kingdom-for-pc-android-and-ios?ref=recently_launched [IMG]http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll56/Seanzzilla/aaa_zpsbfbbd7db.png[/IMG] Here's what Pixel Kingdom is all about: Infinite Levels - There's going to be arcade, arena, and void mode. Arcade will have infinite levels, with the player unlocking new monsters and environments as they progress. Monsters will become harder and harder but ofcourse give you greater rewards. Arena mode is an endless mode in which the player defends against waves of monsters until they are defeated. Various items and achievements can be obtained through this mode. Void mode is similar to arcade but much harder and is unlocked once the player finishes the short storyline. A large variety of Units - You are free to mix and match to unravel which units work well with one another! Tons of unlockables - Unlock new gear as you progress in levels and collect gold. Want all of your knights to have flaming swords? You got it. Achievements - Well duh everyone loves achievements. Secret Items - Monsters have a chance to drop rare items! Perhaps you may get lucky and acquire one of the Seven Sacred Rings that provide a permanent buff such as bonus damage, mana, gold, etc. Exciting Environments - Fend off a horde of Goblins on the grassy plains! Survive an onslaught of Spiders in a dark cave! Take part in a castle siege and slay any foes that dare to cross your path! Awesome Art Style - You can probably tell I am a huge fan of pixel art. What inspires me is the amount of detail people can create with such little space to work with. This is what I live by and strive to make my pixel art better every day! [IMG]http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll56/Seanzzilla/bo_zps9c54b90d.png[/IMG] Here's an overview of launch day units and their abilities: Warrior: n/a Archer: Ranged attack Rogue: 30% chance on hit to blink backwards and dodge an attack Wizard: Splash ranged damage Dragoon: 10% chance on attack to jump and crit an enemy dealing quadruple damage. Knight: 30% chance on attack to knock back an enemy Cleric: Heals the unit in front of them Berserker: 30% chance on attack to summon lighting for area of effect damage Necromancer: Summons a Skeleton every 2 seconds Paladin: 30% chance on attack to heal himself and nearby allies Ninja: Ranged attack(Shuriken), blink backwards upon death up to 3 times Monk: Upon destroying an enemy, the Monk jumps to another lane. Champion: Knocks back enemies with long ranged energy from sword Mid to late February is the estimated time for launch. I'm excited for this game, and I will have a lot of fun adding more content post launch such as more units, gear, and enemies. Maybe even more game modes! If you are interested in Pixel Kingdom and want more information, check out my kickstarter! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/293140109/pixel-kingdom-for-pc-android-and-ios?ref=recently_launched Happy developing!

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