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The fourth version of a fan concept that I originally started in 2010. It's a sequel for next-gen consoles and PC that would enhance what was great about the original, address its flaws, and introduce several new mechanics and features.

RogerWazup007 aka Roger, Blogger

April 23, 2020

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Link to the full concept: click here

The original Perfect Dark was well ahead of its time and still holds up today with various unique or uncommon features such as secondary functions, bots in multiplayer with customizable skins and personalities, objectives that require thought, opportunities to be creative, use of gadgets, a completely optional and natural tutorial that's separate from the campaign and familiarizes the player with the character's place of work, enemies that have individual alertness levels and noticeable reaction times after spotting the player rather than always knowing where the player is, the ability to disarm targets, tons of unlockables and secrets, multiple categories of cheats, so many options that you can even customize a soundtrack in multiplayer, the quick menu, some actions that influence the next mission, increasing objectives with each difficulty level for new experiences in each one, and more.

Perfect Dark 2 would carry over all of these features while addressing its flaws, which were its lack of direction during missions, framerate, and in the HD remasters, the controls. Missions would naturally guide the player; and on top of that, there would be an optional hint system, an option to highlight interactive objects, and an optional map in the HUD. The goal would be a stable 60 FPS, and there would be fully customizable controls for each input with support for mapping button combinations as well.

New features would include multiple variants that have unique mechanics, playable aliens with unique game displays and attributes, blending in not only with preset disguises but also with behavior and improvised disguises, much more optional lore given by everything from art and music to side conversations and notes, a new high-risk high-reward ability to play dead, new momentum and collision physics, and a new blind-fire system where the player can't see around the corner without exposing their head (unless they use a gadget). Gadgets would have new uses, such as the CamSpy offering a direct feed and the Data Uplink being able to hack enemy Laptop Guns. Weapons would be balanced, such as the FarSight XR-20 having heavily reduced damage and no longer tracking targets.

Variants would work like this:

  • Standard: Familiar for those used to modern FPSs. There's a four-slot outfitting system with a maximum of one primary weapon or Shield when spawning. Players regenerate health, aim down sights for accuracy, and have a sound-based radar. Any two one-handed weapons can be dual-wielded.

  • Classic: This will feel familiar to fans of the original Perfect Dark and GoldenEye. Players shoot from the hip with high accuracy. They start with usually weak preset weapons and find more powerful weapons in the mission or on the map without a limit on how much they can carry but less ammo than in other variants. Radar is movement-based, and players only partially regenerate health. Players can dual-wield two of the same weapon if it's one-handed.

  • Tactical: This variant is more realistic with significant recoil. Players choose a class and/or buy equipment from Requisitions using credits earned from that mission or match (not with real money). Health doesn't regenerate, although health packs can restore it. Unlike other variants, players can't pick up enemy weapons. Radar is spot-based.

  • Loot: If included, this adds loot drops (perhaps one every few enemies on average ranging from common to exotic) and a leveling system within this variant. Weapons and accessories have random rolls that change attributes but eventually become obsolete as players level up more. Players have an overall inventory but choose two active weapons at a time. Picked up loot can be used right away, and players can manage inventory and switch active weapons during gameplay. Active abilities with cooldowns and passive abilities incorporate functions from gadgets and allow for character builds. There would be no premium currencies or microtransactions of any kind.

  • Custom: Players can tweak every element mentioned above and more to create their own variant. If someone wants to play with radar off, Standard outfitting, Classic hip-fire, and Tactical's health system, that can be set up here. Specific weapons and weapon functions can be disabled.

The plot would take players to settings ranging from different continents to two alien worlds and even the past. Missions would have unique visual and philosophical themes, at least one hidden weapon or gadget each, varying geometric and gameplay design, and often multiple ways to approach objectives. Like before, it could be played solo, in co-op, or in counter-op but now with the ability to choose to be the main character or the co-op buddy or counter-op enemies when playing solo. Bonus secret missions would give players control of different characters to add context and play out different perspectives.

The multiplayer would still offer solo and split-screen play with bots but would have online ranked matches with playlists, social matches with a server browser without having to populate a lobby before each match, and private lobbies that can be open, password-protected, or invite-only. When used, weapon sets change available weapons (for outfitting, Requisitions, or pickups).

Challenges would be their own thing and offer unique experiences. Preset challenges would challenge players to use the game's returning and new mechanics. Players could create, upload, find, and download custom challenges. A map editor, custom objectives, custom AI, and more would allow for endless possibilities.

Dozens of cheats would have the potential to drastically change the game while enabled. Most classic cheats would return along with several new ones. Turn off all artificial light sources, change player and enemy sizes, replace weapons, have infinite ammo, change the game speed, swap protagonists and antagonists, remove all objectives to just shoot things, use unique co-op buddies, change the visuals and sounds, and more.

Readers are invited to look at the full concept. It's very long, but those who don't have the patience can skip to the parts they're interested in or look at summaries and the outline on the left side bar. Positive and negative feedback is welcomed.

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