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A little series about Kickstarter lessons learned form Day1. Short, sweet, and to the point.


Jacob Crane, Blogger

May 12, 2012

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A little history:

So my partner and I took the plunge.  We took the game we held close to the chest, and decided to see if we could make it our focus.  What better way to do it than Kickstarter?

Well, there are some ups and downs to starting this, and we are still learning a lot as we go.  So without further waiting, let us get to the good stuff.

Edge of Space


You should pre-plan some time for your project to be reviewed by kickstarter before you can post it.  This was not something I found anywhere when we were preparing our launch, and came as quite a surprise that we could be offset by a week off when we wanted to get it out there.   

Recommendation:  Get your kickstarter basics in and start the review process a month before you want to launch it.  You only need to be reviewed once.  You can change and edit anything you want before you actually push the publish button. 


Avoid the wall of text, even if your information is super important, at all costs.  Get some images, or some nice banner art to split it up.   Try to make it so the person viewing your kickstarter never sees all text and gets a little visual splash as they look at what you have. 

As promised, short and sweet!   Thank you for reading and I will be updating this as we go. 

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