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This is the fourth post about life inside an indie game studio from Colombia. We talk about our challenges, our need to focus, all the hardships as well as all the good things that we go through as game developers.

Victor Albis, Blogger

December 15, 2014

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Our experience as an inexperienced Game Studio



The following morning I picked up the game development team at the office, and we went straight  for breakfast without even checking in at work.  I wanted no distractions whatsoever, either for them or myself.  We were even joined by one the guys´ girlfriend, who wanted to help us out too (or maybe she just wanted a hearty breakfast for a change). 

So off we go for breakfast.  We chose a local restaurant that serves traditional Northern Colombian food.  This food is mostly composed of delicious, fried stuff like patties, arepas, chorizo, yucca, and of course, fried pork rind, also known as Chicharron. 



In Colombia, our country, for some reason, whenever you have a big challenge ahead, and I mean a tough one, we also call it a Chicharron. If you’re going through one those days when everything’s upside down (delayed orders, credit notes, angry clients) we call it a day full of “chicharrones”.

Throughout the first half hour, we sat down at the table and discussed the very few ideas we had.  The ambiance was quite tense as time was running out and nothing seemed to be catchy enough.  I proposed our idea to the team, but it still was not grabbing their attention.  We were so worried about having a great idea that were pretty much, creatively blocked.  I guess our brains were mostly working on being worried than on developing ideas.

We finally reached one of those awkward silent moments, looking at each other; concerned about this big Chicharron we needed to solve.  I decided it was time to eat our breakfast, so went to the food bar and picked up some yucca, cheese patties and a good amount of fried pork rind (remember, aka. Chicharron).

First bites in, and the magic began to happen.  The effect of the pork rind to our creativity was amazing.  All of a sudden, ideas started to flow, our proposal for a mobile game parody got a lot stronger and the entire team threw ideas at it.  A new type of humor, and a new concept for our game was born.  We could not wait to tell our sensei about it.  Making a parody may be a different way to approach the success of others; we’d be honoring them rather than just copying them.

A Chicharron is now also a positive thing… If it is on your plate.


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