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Often the most difficult part of creativity and design is getting started. It is often the first idea that sets the tone of the overall project, and many get stuck making that first leap. I discusses the problem and some ways to overcome this fear.

Winston Miller

March 6, 2009

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As a recent graduate, I've been spending much of my time making plans for the future, trying to figure out the best pathway to realizing my career dreams.  I like to consider myself a creative person, but I've noticed a constant desire to sit back and rest on my heels, to simply put my feet up in the face of this downtrodden economy, and hope that the perfect opportunity will fall in my lap.  

I am sure I'm not the only person sharing the sentiment, as my brothers and I recently sat around for a time discussion our seperate but mutual attempts to deal with this mindset.  I have spent many years talking with friends, classmates, and teammates trying to discover the "secret" many entrepeneurs and industry leaders seem to posess, and what I've realized is that it comes down to one thing.

Just Do It.

Yep, thats right, Nike has had the secret of life locked away all along.  I know what you're thinking, "Just do it?", that's your great idea?  Unfortunately, yes... but I think there's a couple of reasons and ways to make that adage work for you.

Most peoples first response is simple and predictable, Do What? and Do it How?  Many of us have a dream, but haven't taken the time to truly flesh out the path to realizing those dreams.  For instance, my friend knows he wants to be an "award winning film director", but has no idea what steps or direction to take to get there.

 He's done the college thing, knows how to shoot and edit a film, but he's yet to find a film job, and he doesn't know any one in the industry to give him a hand up.  He's got plenty of ideas, but doesn't know if any of them are "winners".

We all find ourselves at this point, at an internal crossroads where we know where we want to end up, but don't know which road will take us there.  Thats exactly when we have to take the jump and Just do It.

Every single person in the world has reached one of these crossroads. The only difference between those who make it and those who don't is that the confident ones will take a glance at the crossroads and keep on marching, while the rest of us sit back and ponder which direction is the best choice.  

So how do they know where to go?  They dont.  Theres another quote that comes to mind, Fake it till you make it.  Many successful entrepenues intuitively know that, rather than worry about whether or not it's the perfect decission, it's often better to keep moving in any direction, and worry about the consequences when they come.

So if your a designer, DESIGN! If your a writer, WRITE! Even if you don't know what to design, fake it.  Do a derivative work, take something someone else produced and do you're own version of it.  Write a sequel to your favorite video game, movie, or book.  

Practice makes perfect, so take whatever your dream is and find a way to express it in your everyday living.  The more you fake it, the more it will become natural, and the more people will take notice of that "natural talent". Whatever it is, just do it.    

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