Newest Gamer Developer! :D

Newest game developer in the industry as of 4/11/09! :D Looking for help, assistance, and information. Feel free to, tell how tou got to your place in the industry, especially if you are far above me right now. Thanks.
Today, I am claiming the newest game deverloper spot. I am starting to launch out today. Well, actually , I have been creating games for many years, and they have been excellent games! But they sat on a shelf so to speak for many years too!

I have great ideas! Atleast I think they are great! And if I don't think they are great, chances are, they may not be. But I love my games, they are fun, and I have playtested them on many people. Kids, adults, friends, family, even people that I thought were hard to win over. They have stood the tests also. And havehelped me make a few changes over time. LOL! :D

I want to meet peope that can help me to take my games to the next level! They are educational, fun, interesting, and also addictive! :D

I am tired of waiting. I am praying that someone can help me move along. I even started pacing the streets for help. No one could help me yet! So I will continue my quest! I will not stop. I do believe that my ideas will not just fall to the ground. I can work with a team. I will consider splitting profits. I am desirous to start right away!

I am a public school teacher. And I come up with many ideas to share educational concepts and skills with youth. I also love to play the casino games, number games, and have ideas for miltiplayer games there too! I have something for everyone. For the home, for arcades, casinos, schools, adults, children, for learning, and for fun!!!!
Please, like the Beatles said, "Please, please, help me"!

I am ready to try new things. So anyone can write me back with more information.
I am sure that you have many ideas too that you can share with me, eventhough you may be just staring too!

And please tell me more about QTEs. LOL!!!!! Thanks.

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