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Necromancer Development Diary 1- New Projects

The first entry of a development diary started back in Jan 2013 by Daniel Bishop as he embarked on his first video game project - Necromancer, The Fight For Life - catch up with the rest at http://www.necromancergame.com/progress/progress.html

Daniel Bishop, Blogger

March 31, 2013

3 Min Read

It seems like a long time ago I embarked on this project of developing a video game with no experience or plan, just an idea. In reality it was only three months ago, but I have learned a huge amount since then; in creative areas, technical areas, and even a little bit about business. I have also learned alot about myself (like any good project should involve); how to be more disciplined, what I am willing to compromise with creatively, how hard to be on myself.

 There have been so many changes already; my main character has gone through so many name changes, starting as Ethan, Gray, Byron, and finally settling on Harper (a good unisex name). I always had the intention of the main character being able to be a boy or girl. A very important aspect of this has always been willing to be open to changes, small and big. Just this week I designed a company logo for myself and it took an irritating amount of time to add it individually to each of my web pages.



What the lines of code look like to insert my logo.


Also what a massive nerd I am, drawing on years of experience in video games, movies, table top games, books, art and history. Even if I could consciously recall all of the places that have inspired or influenced me, it would be a massive and varied list. I will likely drip feed these in to this diary as they are relevant.


As hard as development has been so far, it has also been very encouraging; when I encounter a problem or question, with coding or design or art, there is always somewhere on the internet that holds the answer in words that I can understand, or someone willing to post in a forum to help me. By maintaining the attitude that that there are always multiple solutions to any problem, I just have to pick one that suits my needs and the needs of my project, I have been able to keep positive and enjoy my own growing knowledge and skills.


Some kind soul on the internet showed me how to shade properly this week.


One of the best decisions I made was to design and create a website to showcase the game, even thought the game is not complete (or anywhere near complete). This is because learning HTML has been a great introduction to learning programming, that website design has flexed my artistic muscles for game design, layout, and every time I struggle with something I can visit the website and remind myself how much I have accomplished already.


My old guitar teacher said to me the first time I met him “all Jimi Hendrix had was a brain and two hands; there’s nothing he did that you can’t do”. I would like to offer that sentiment to anyone reading this who would like to attempt something new that involves growth and learning. You can absolutely do it. This article offers a great kick in the butt to anyone procrastinating over attempting something new:



With that, I wish everyone a happy new year, and good luck in your endeavours, whatever they may be.

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