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My reviews for A.C. Revelations, L.A. Noire and Eternal Sonata.

My reviews for A.C. Revelations, L.A. Noire and Eternal Sonata.

Beth Hicks, Blogger

January 16, 2012

2 Min Read

So, since I dont have a lot of time ATM, I'll be brief in these reviews. ^___^

A.C. Revelations:

When I played the first A.C. game, I was not all impressed... In fact, I vowed to never play it or any of it's sequels again. LOL. However, I was a tester for a while, and was forced to play Brotherhood... What an awesome difference... So, I went back and played A.C. II, played through Bortherhood, and was chomping at the bit for Revelations.

Revelations far surpassed my expectations. Right away you are plunged into danger and new situations. Being dragged behind a carriage, parasailing, and falling down waterfalls are all exciting when it happens, and kind of takes you of guard... "Oh damn! What now?" The graphics are really awesome, and hw cool is that hookblade??? Making and using bombs was fun, and I even enjoyed the tower defense part (after losing, getting irritated, cursing and the finally figuring out the stragedy i needed for it).


L.A. Noire:

I do NOT like the Grand Theft Auto series, at all... so I didn't really want to play this game. But, once I realized that you are a good guy trying to get rid of corruption in the L.A.P.D. circa 1940's, I realy got into it. I like how accurate the city was, all the wardrobe, how they talked. I spent a good portion of the game just trying to find all the cars! However, I think they could have left out the part where the main character cheats on his wife...not needed.

Enternal Sonata:

I really loved this game! Although it's geared toward young teens, it'd final fantasy-esque look is what got my attention. I thought it was way too short (only 24 hours and I beat it), but the art of it is just so beautiful, that the shortness doesn't matter much. The story actually has a strongly political undertone if you pay attention. I think it's a great way to get young adults to think about things that are now, or will soon, be affecting them.

So, yeah! AWESOME!

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