My keynote to my fellow diploma students, juniors and lecturers. 2012

The following is my keynote for my diploma in Games Design. I wrote this, to help settle a theme for the year, so that the diploma can have a goal to work towards.


Hi dear readers of Gamasutra, I am Louis Png, a member of Diploma in Game Design, in Republic Polytechnic, Singapore.

As one of the seniors graduating this year, I felt a need to leave a message for my fellow students, and in hope that the diploma will furthur pursue new heights in gaming.

Without further ado, the following is a reproduction from our Diploma's Facebook wall, written by yours truly.

To all facilitators and students, a new year to you all.

This post may be a bit late, but as a senior who care, I wish to announce, a theme for 2012.

Intellectual. This will be our word of the year.
Over the past 2 years, DGD had gone through a heap load of changes in terms of modules and things we cover. We had played, chat, laugh and create. And with the coming year, I hope we can pursue gaming in a further direction.

Intellectual is chosen, so that we aim for not only:
a) Pursue theories and ideas on design, art, programming, animation and player experience, regardless of who you are, what games you play, or what achievements you have (or lack of any of the above), we hope to hear from you all, to help communicate "fun".

b) Pave a way, to help spread DGD to our up and coming new blood and hopefully, to many more people not involved in the industry.
Our approach from both seniors and facilitators to juniors could be improved, and we hope, that while the term senior and junior and facilitator exist, we will be able to look at gaming at a same level.

c) Improve communication between facilitator and students.
With a theme to pursue together, we should not be afraid to ask for opinions, and offer opinions in turn, even to facilitators. We have a lot to contribute to the new and growing industry, and every little thing could help.

In this industry and diploma, I understand there is a split amongst roles, programmers with programmer, artists with artists, designers with designers.

It's not a bad thing, but I hope, as the semester approach an end, and a new academic year begin, we can improve our bonding, and to show, DGD is more than just gaming. It's about gamers as well.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope, if you do support this theme, let your thoughts be heard.

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