My First Game Project

Just a little info about my first game project using Unity 3D called Bud the Spud.


I'm pretty new to the whole gaming industry. It has always been something of interest to me but with my generation of graphic artists it took technology a long, long time to get to a level where I could use it, much less understand it for that matter in any kind of creative capacity. I quite often feel like I was born too early because I sure wish I had access to this technology when I was in High School. But back then Computer technology was only just starting to creep into the film industry with films like "Star Wars" and I remember "The Last Starfighter" being a revolutionary step forward with computer technology but even then you still had to almost be a NASA scientist just to understand the stuff. But now technology has finaly come a long ways.

I started out with UNITY 3D several months back and played around with it following various tutorials online. Eventually found a few I could understand and actually begin to cobble together an actual game. Although it is still in development I do have a working playable first level linked through my "Bud the Spud Game Development Blog."

The basic premis of my game is Bud the Spud is a potato and unlike other potatoes Bud is perfectly happy to remain being a potato. Bud has no desire to become like many of his fellow potatoes and wind up as Mashed potato, chips, deep fried or anything else that takes away from his being a potato. One day he wakes up and realizes that his simple life is in danger of that very thing due to the genocidal evilness of the “Rotten Potato!” Bud discovers that the “Rotten Potato” is selling his own people off to snack food processing factories! And so begins his quest to prevent this from happening and stop the evil “Rotten Potato” and restore peace to Potato Land.

You can play the first level using Unity 3D's Web Player through my Bud the Spud Game Development Blog. I would love to hear feedback on my game and any ideas you may have. Who knows, maybe your idea may wind up in a future level of my game ;)

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