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Mouse Control Inc Introduction

Mouse Control Inc. Dev Blog

Jason Norgaar

August 17, 2013

1 Min Read

Mouse Control Inc. is a game that is being designed for touch screen devices.  The game play is pretty simple.  You play as a Mouse Catcher trying to build up your business by catching mice. Slightly reminiscent of the old school Ghostbusters game from back in the day.  

The game play elements are a simple driving game(obstacle avoidance), driving to the building infested with mice. The second element, once you reach your destination, you must chase the mice and catch them with both your net and also traps.  This is all combined with a simple tycoon-like aspect of needing to build up enough money to put your competition out of business... and move on to the next section of the city(map).

The video makes some of the mechanics much clearer.  Still very much a WIP... but I am working hard to finish soon.

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