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This is part VI of my weekly Game Design blog, although I skipped the last two weeks.

Tom Nietfeld, Blogger

April 28, 2015

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Hello everyone,


For this weeks Game Design I was thinking about a game where you would play a "god".

But not as in "Black and White" where you would actively manipulate people, but more the god behind the scenes.

The game starts with the big bang. The whole Universe is a mess and guess who has to clean that mess. Right. It's the player.

He cleans up the mess by sticking several pieces or comets together, which then creates a gravityfield and over time a planet will build up.

You start by creating your own Universe. Fully functional. You can then skip some decades in which your solarsystem will be simulated as it grows and developes. At some point your resource for time lapse is used up and you can then choose which panet you want to work on.

Every Planet now has it's own biospherical circumstances, based on the distance to the sun or whatever planets the player decided to create in the first place.

If you now doubleclick a planet you will be able to form life on this planet a little bit like seen in "Spore". 

And you can form the world by using vulcanos, hurricanes, heavy rain, earthquakes and stuff like that.

So you basically build your planet like in your house in "Sims". For every planet you can then again skip a certain amount of years and watch your own species and society grow on that planet.


Depending on how good your society grows, you get a certain amount of "Inventors" that will help you to develop new inventions like spaceflight for your people. 


At some point of the game the player will be introduced to another god. His counterpart. Who is basically doing the same thing as the player does and is threatening to invade the players solar system.

The player now gets a certain amount of time to work against the invasion and to take over the solar system of the antagonist. 

Like this the player will bit by bit take over more solar systems, connect them and develop several societies, where every society needs a certain treatment to grow the best.

Every new society can learn from the other ones to speed up the process a little bit.

The game is won when the last antagonist god is beaten. They of course get harder and harder and own more solar systems that you have to fight against and conquer.


As seen in "Black and White" you have the posibility to impress the other gods so that they want to join you or to fight them and conquer their solar systems by force.


As always if you have any thoughts on it, leave me a comment.


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