Monday Morning Game Design V

Part V of my monday morning game design blog.

Hello there,

Todays game design is somewhat about avery casual game and is to be seen as a fan contribution to the series southpark.

Title: Sack Race

Plattform: Smartphone / Tablet

Genre: Jump and Run

This game idea is a tribute to Season 14 Episode 03 of the series Southpark ("Medicinal Fried Chicken"), in which Randy Marsh gets himself testicular cancer to be able to buy medicinal marihuana.

In this episode at some point randy starts to use his testicals to move around like in a sack race and I was thinking about making a little jump and run out of it.

Possible pick ups: Joints, Beer and other references from the series.

Losing Condition: There will be obstacles in the form of microwaves and if you do not dodge them your testicles will grow until at some point they just pop and you lost the game. 

The whole thing is highscore based.

Since this is a fan project it is not commercial and it strongly depends on the setting and on a lot of detail over all. 

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