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Monday Morning Game Design IV

Part IV of my monday morning game design blog.

Tom Nietfeld, Blogger

March 30, 2015

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Hello there,


So this time I will tell about an idea that I had some months ago. It is inspired by the Warcraft III mod "Castlefight".

The idea is to have a kind of real time tower defense PvP game

The battleground is mirrored in the horizontal and vertical axis'. Which basically means that you will end up with 4 similar fields. One for each player. (top left, bottom left / top right, bottom right)


The idea is to have two people playing together against two other players.

The main resource will be gold over time and some camps in the middle that only hero's can capture that will gain you access to a certain resource that will allow you upgrades on your troops.

And of course the gold you gain from beating the enemy buildings, hero's and troops.


Main objective is to reach the enemies base at the very end of the map.

Every player has one field he can manage himself to build "Spawners" and "Towers".

Also the two teammates together have one bigger field for "Spawners" in the back and one bigger field for "towers" in the front.

These fields will allow player A to build in his teammates area to support him.


The army that is built from the spawners can be commanded and will meet up with the enmies army in the middle of the battleground.

Also every player will be able to control one "Hero", who can be used to support the troops on the battleground or to capture certain buffs that are in the middle of the battleground.

As the game progresses the battleground will shift towards one of the teams base depending on how well they built their units and kept the buffs.


The troops are based on counter mechanics. If team A specializes on magical damage for example team 2 can go for increasing magical resistance on their units.

This could end up in team A just sending physical units, but hiding the magical ones as a kind of bluff. As the enemy goes for armor he will then reveal the magical units and shred the enemy.


Since I am a strong fan of very honest competitive gaming, there will be no chance to have any kind of advantage through payments or stuff like that, but only by skill and learning.


Each player gets to choose from several different "races" for his playstyle (for example Shadow - using Damage over time / Fire - using area of effect damage).


The combination of these races in a specific way will also allow for strong combinations and adds a kind of sandbox element to this game concept.


Essential for the game will be communication between the two mates, but as the game progresses and time passes there will be several metas (depending on race combination) that players will preferably go for. So it is not necessary to have communication, but it will give you an advantage and you will therefor only be matched against other premade teams if you enter the queue as premade.


The whole thing is round based and as you reach a certain level cap, you will be able to enter ranked games and be able to make your way up the ladder. 


Since I have the game already in my head it is hard to cover all the details here and I bet I forgot a ton. So as always feel free to comment and leave some ideas and feedback.

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