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Monday Morning Game Design III

Part III of my monday morning Game Design series on a weekly basis.

Tom Nietfeld, Blogger

March 23, 2015

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Mole Wars.

So this is actually an idea for a more casual game compared to the last ones.

The target plattform is tablet / smartphone, but could also be pc.

The basic idea is to have a constant fight between moles and the gardener. The players task is to control his mole or maybe even more than one mole and create a maze beneath the ground.

Each mole has to get up to the surface from time to time. That is where the gardener can catch them.

You have worms as collectables for highscore or for the resource to buy new items.

The gardener will get harder to beat throughout the game and will use mean methods like holding a water hose into your tunnel and stuff like that.

To win the game you will have to create a certain amount of molehills on the surface, which is of course only possible if you have a decent tunnel system set up beneath the ground.

The game should be in 2D and as already mentioned be more of a casual game.


T increase the difficulty from level to level, you can decrease the amount of worms, decrease the time that a mole can stay beneath the surface, increase the size of the garden and of course increase the amount of gardeners, as well as having them using meaner methods to get rid of the moles.

The player will lose the game if he is out of moles. The moles will die if they..

..Do not get to the surface in time (each mole has a timer)

..get killed by the gardener (drowning, poison)

..(maybe starve if they do not get enough worms)

So basically this game is about planning well, coming up with a strategie and then sending out the moles.

Obstacles could be tree trunks, huge rocks and stuff like that.


As always please leave Ideas improvements or any other game design ideas in the comment section below.

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