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Monday Morning Game Design I

Weekly Game Design Blog. Part I

Tom Nietfeld, Blogger

March 16, 2015

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09_03_15 Week 01


I will start off with an Idea I had some weeks ago.

The Game is supposed to be a competitive multiplayer in which a certain number of teams with a certain number of players in each team face each other. I suggested 4 Teams and 5 Players in each team.

The Map is a hexagon which is divided into four different areas and an area in the middle where most of the combat will take place.

Each area has a base for one team, a "Resource-base" and 3 Buffs which are represented by neutral monsters.

For example a Speed buff, a Vision buff and a damage buff. The team that kills the monster grants the buff, but only in that certain area the buff was placed in. So the Vision buff is one of the most important, because if you get your hands on the enemys vision buff, it will grant you vision over their whole area for a certain time.

In the very middle of the map there will spawn a resource at a certain time. This resource can be picked up by one player. This player is now slowed, but grants a defensive buff. His quest is now to safely return this resource to the Resourcebase of his team. His team of course has to protect him.

As the Resource is returned to the base it grants a certain buff and slows down the loss of tickets in this team. The team who managed not to go down to 0 tickets wins the game.

Now that the resource is secured the other team has now the possibility to steal it from the enemys resource-base. On the other hand they can still try to get the next resource or secure buffs in enemy area.

As the second resource spawns in the middle the process repeats.


Planned so far are 3 different kinds of classes. 

-Mobility / Damage / CC

Mobility has one unique ability which allows him to jump through or over obsticles with a certain cooldown. They also have increased movementspeed but therefor a drawback on the defense and the damage.

Damage has slow movementspeed, but as the name suggests high damage (Singletarget or AoE or DoT) and high defense. The damage class is like the tank on the battlefield.

CC is a class that specializes on stunning, rooting and slowing the enemy. It's movementspeed is somwhere between the mobility and the damage-class aswell as his damage and defense.

The combination should make the difference between a good and a bad team.


There might be an item system, but that would multiply the difficulty to balance the game.

There should be no payments that give any advantage in the game to keep it competitive!

Any feedback and questions are highly appreciated. 

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