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This is a story of a game of a very simple ordinary character. He is a guy like you and me. Not too brilliant or strong, he is not the president or an Olympic champion, he is not Hercules or James bond, and he is not Superman or Sherlock Holmes.

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January 22, 2010

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This is a story of a game of a very simple ordinary character. He is a guy like you and me. Not too brilliant or strong, he is not the president or an Olympic champion, he is not Hercules or James bond, and he is not Superman or Sherlock Holmes.
He is only a book worm, a very good reader. His only activity is reading in his office which consists merely of a desk and a huge library.
The game begins as he reads out loud some Greek words of a black magic bible, and suddenly a bad warlock come from no where to exist in his office. He thanks the main character named Mark because of releasing him from the book, and wickedly he through Mark into a random book in his library.

Mark appears in a world of dinosaurs as a primitive citizen who can't talk making weird sounds of humming. Having a bumpy club armed with rocks he should cross the road to the far cave. Firstly he sales with a small boat among swamp dinosaurs to the open sands area to walk through a stampede of wild small dinosaurs, then to face the T rex in his lair, after escaping the T Rex he'll have to vanquish different kinds of dinosaurs in the valley of the fear, after that he should cross the darkness road which lies in it the most dangerous creatures, and in the end of that road he'll face the warlock who will imitate the shape of a deadly flying dinosaur. When Mark defeats the warlock the mission will end.

The warlock speaks to Mark in rage, and then he throws Mark in another book.
Mark find himself in Transylvania in a black suit armed with a sharp sword and a small pistol, in a dark everlasting night he will have to face Dracula with his bats and his followers dead walking vampires, after dealing with bats using the gun and with vampires using the sword hell face the werewolves. Then flying vampires will appear again along with the vampires who appear and disappear in a moment from nowhere to nowhere. After finishing them all he'll face the warlock in the shape of a combination of werewolf and a vampire with a great power. When Mark defeats the warlock the mission will end.

The warlock with Mark in Mark's office, and compel Mark in another book.
Now Mark in his space suit flying in the outer space escaping from meteors, shooting flying aliens and destroying large aliens' space ships with high technological weapons and modern powers, finally he is instructed to ride a space ship and to vanquish all the aliens who invaded it and to assume control over it to drive it to the mother ship of the aliens, and after ruining it the biggest alien creature will escape from the mother ship, and sneak into your ship. The warlock is the biggest alien creature, and after defeating him the mission will accomplished.

Again you and the warlock in your office and he compels you to fall in another book.
You are now a cow boy in the American west. You are a very high mark. Every body is after you the local authority, the Indians, your friends, and your citizens. After escaping the sheriff and playing the quick and the dead with the outlaws, and chasing a train with your horse, you will have to face the most dangerous gang in your territory. After defeating all of the gang members you will have to face the leader whom is the most powerful man in your country. The warlock invades that man body and exchanges fire with you. After defeating him you'll back to your room.

The warlock has you in a new book.
You are a ninja warrior in Japan mastering throwing the Ninja stars and swinging your big sword. You are a master of disguise and sneaking around. Invaders come to your village and you are instructed to defend your people. You will face people with guns and heavy armor with your sword and stars and bare hands and your hiding techniques. After eliminating all of your enemies you will have to kill the warlock the army leader. When you do the mission shall be completed.

Again the warlock puts you in a book of Greek Mythology.
You are Hercules. You should cut Medusa's head and use it to destroy to kill the Nemean lion, then using its claws you will destroy the Lernaean Hydra. And with its tongue capture the Ceryneian Hind, Cerberus, the Cretan Bull and the Erymanthian Boar. After fulfilling all of Hercules tasks from cleaning the Augean Stables to killing the Stymphalian Birds to rounding up the Mares of Diomedes to stealing the Girdle of Hippolyte to herding the Cattle of Geryon to fetching the Apples of Hesperides, he will face the warlock in the shape of Achilles on his flying horse Pegasus. We know that Perseus had the Pegasus and he killed Medusa as well, but it was all in the same bottle. After vanquishing the warlock Mark will be back to his room.

In the new book Mark will be James Bond with all current and modern technology in a smoken suit. James bond will drive crazily on the left two tires to escape the police and will shoot madly at a large numbers of enemies. Finally he will face the bad guy, the warlock, and defeat him and transform to the next level.

Now you are the lion king and you will have to deal with all of the bad guys in all of the movies from Gaffer to Scar to Clayton to the rest of them, finally Simba will face the Joker the enemy of Batman cloning the warlock shape and destroy him. Back to your room

Now you are Rambo in Vietnam war. After vanquishing the whole army and rescuing all of the hostages you will face the battalion commander, the warlock and kill him.

Finally you face the warlock but now he offers you to select your character: the Stone Age savage, the black suited gentleman from Transylvania, the technological male in space suit, the cowboy, the ninja warrior, Hercules, Bond, Lion King, or Rambo, and to select your battle arena. And then the final fight begins. The warlock takes the shape of every enemy faced you in the game's history.
When you beat him, he will stick in the chosen book of your selected battle arena and then you'll read the Greek words out loud of a black magic bible you read before but this time in a reversed order. Then the warlock will be vanquished once and for all.

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