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Making Video Games From Nothing

A talk about my story of how I got into games. I started at 13, released my first published game at 18, and at 22 released a game called Pillar for PlayStation 4 with no budget or formal education.

Here's a video I made about my story of how I got into games, and how you can make games too. I tried to remove the technical talk and hopefully make this something that's useful to anyone pursuing any type of artistic dream from a hobbyist perspective. There's a lot of failure that people go through to do these things, and we don't talk about the failures as much as the successes (even though there's usually more failures) so I tried to be honest about mine and how I overcame them even when I felt like giving up. At the end I briefly go over the FREE tools you can use to begin making games, and the links for them are below...

Unity game engine:

Unity tutorials:

Free open source game art you can use in your games:

Royalty free audio you can use in your games (check the licenses for how to credit people):

Online Sound Effect Creator:

Royalty free music you can use in your games (check the licenses for how to credit people):

Free Image Editor:

Free Audio Tools (for editing, recording sound):

Communities to ask for programming help:

Communities to network with other game people:

Places to distribute/sell your game:

List of video game sites you can email about your game:

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