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Making of a indie horror game

Day first of making a indie horror game - downloading the assets

Arjun Sankhala, Blogger

December 11, 2018

1 Min Read

Day 1:

After almost a month of exploring and research game ideas, I have finally decided to make a horror game. The theme of the game is similar to the movie Monster House. 

I am still working on the story part and also the name for the game.

For the development I am using unity3d engine and the assets from unity asset store. I am not making my own assets. 

Till now I have downloaded the models and the animations for the enemy characters and the player.

The player is a 13 years old boy. Asset is downloaded from mixamo.com.

As for the enemies, there are 5 type of enemy till now - skeleton monster, giant spider, rock monster, witch, golem and crab.

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