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Elizabeth Northcutt, inventor of the children’s health and fitness board game, Lunch Box, is kick starting the next generation to a new level of health and fitness awareness.

Elizabeth Northcutt, Blogger

December 8, 2011

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Educator recommended and patent pending; the Lunch Box Board Game offers a unique, cool way to teach anyone who plays how to be healthy and fit.

From the Let's Move program to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, childhood obesity and the need to become healthier as adults is a news topic everyday.   Everyone is looking for solutions to the problem.  Finally, the first of its kind, a heath & fitness board game is invented.  Elizabeth Northcutt, a fitness trainer for 20 years and having 2 kids of her own, put her knowledge into a fun game about making healthy choices and learning that exercise is fun.

Since 2007, the Lunch Box Board Game has been in development and is making its public debut on the “Kickstarter” program on December 1st.   Kickstarter.com is an innovative approach for the public to review, purchase and help initiate the production of new products before they reach the mass market.  

When asked why use the Kickstarter platform, Elizabeth stated, “Anyone who has played the game is immediately inspired and asks where they can get one for their kids.  I wanted to bypass all the red tape with launching a new product and go right into the hands of the public.  Most people now days, really want to make an impact on our future generations, but don’t know where to start.   Kickstarter provides the perfect opportunity for someone, anywhere in the world, to pick a worthy project, and back it up”.  

With seeing many parents and educators inspired by the Lunch Box Board Game, Elizabeth’s long term goal is to get Lunch Box into the school systems all over the world.

Lunch Box Board Game, LLC a privately held company in Lago Vista, Texas publishes the patent pending children's health and fitness board game Lunch Box.  For more information on Lunch Box Board Game, LLC, please call 1-(866)-276-3130 or visit our website: www.playlunchbox.com

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