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In his weekly "Dissecting Design" series, Josh Bycer took a look at the edutainment hit Zoombinis, and how it not only taught kids puzzle solving, but also effective design for game developers.

Josh Bycer, Blogger

September 5, 2017

1 Min Read

In this Dissecting Design, we're taking a look at Zoombinis, and how an edutainment title featured very smart achievement and difficulty scaling design that any game designer can learn from.

Sorry for the lack of sound, I had it set lower due to the loud music, but didn't realize it was that low on OBS, which makes a laugh I did halfway through not making a lot of sense for you.

0:00 -- Intro

3:07 -- General Puzzle Gameplay

8:28 -- Pizza Tangent

9:23 -- Trophy Room Achievement Design

16:32 -- Final Thoughts and Lessons Learned

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Josh Bycer


For more than seven years, I have been researching and contributing to the field of game design. These contributions range from QA for professional game productions to writing articles for sites like Gamasutra and Quarter To Three. 

With my site Game-Wisdom our goal is to create a centralized source of critical thinking about the game industry for everyone from enthusiasts, game makers and casual fans; to examine the art and science of games. I also do video plays and analysis on my Youtube channel. I have interviewed over 500 members of the game industry around the world, and I'm a two-time author on game design with "20 Essential Games to Study" and "Game Design Deep Dive Platformers."

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