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Lego video games have been around for a long time now from Lego Racers, and many lesser known games such as Lego island, which happened to be a personal favorite of mine back at the time.

cohen marshall, Blogger

August 19, 2015

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Due to the fact I was only a small child, being released way back in the 90s, but in 1995 when we saw the arrival of Lego Star Wars: The Video game, it was discovered that by merging to highly respected franchises and releasing a product in a market that was increasing at such an extraordinary  rate at time, would make a hell of a lot of money. And so we saw sequels to Lego Star Wars, followed closely by Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones, and even Lego Rock Band. It doesn’t stop there Lego fans and Harry Potter nerds world wide are now waiting on the newest installment in the Lego: The Video Game franchise, Lego Harry Potter. And no doubt before they stop belting out new Lego games and a rate of knots no one can keep up with, I’m sure they will try to satisfy as many fans as possible. Here are some Lego games I would love to see put into production:

LEGO Spider-man: The Video Game

With a Lego Batman game already out there, Spidey must be feeling left out and lets face it, his Video Game career has gone down the drain this year with the last few games not even being comparable to those released on the original PlayStation, and even the movie games on the PS2 and Xbox. I would love to see Peter Parker make a come back in the Video Game industry, Lego style.

Lego Toy Story
LEGO Toy Story: The Video Game

With the anticipated release of Toy Story 3 approaching ever so quickly, and a new range of Toy Story Lego going on sale recently, I would love to see a Lego video game based on what is probably one of my favorite franchises of all time, I wouldn’t be surprised if this game did emerge some time after the release of Toy Story 3, as with 3 films on board there would definitely be enough scenes to provide the structure of levels and chapters we’ve seen in the previous Lego games, and more than enough characters , it also wouldn’t be an entirely bad move to bring Toy Story back to the video game scene after the amazing Toy Story 2 game on the original PlayStation and Dreamcast.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

Pirates of the Caribbean is, in my opinion another trilogy that would be perfect for a Lego game, it would give the opportunity for action, adventure, some puzzles and maybe even some fantastic pirate ship based levels. Jack Sparrow would be a fantastic character for a Lego game, as well as the crew from the films, and the multiple ‘bad guys’ seen through out the film that could included as playable characters in the traditional Lego video game style.


Lego Back to The Future

LEGO Back to The Future: The Video Game

I don’t know one person that hasn’t seen and loved all 3 Back to The Future films, and whilst a Lego game based on the franchise may not seem ideal at first glance, it could provide a very enjoyable experience and may appeal to some of the older gamers out there who were around when Back to The Future was in it’s prime, I mean, who doesn’t want to play as Marty McFly and the Doc as they travel back and forth in time in their DMC Delorean, the 3 films together would provide some fantastic variety in a Lego game, and who knows, if it was made, maybe you even get to travel around in a Lego version of the time traveling train seen in the third film.

LEGO Sim City

No,  I didn’t mean to type Sin city, for a start of that would make a rubbish Lego game, I genuinely meant to type Sim City. Sim city was a fantastic and extremely addictive game, and whilst it is the only one on my list not based on a movie franchise it would still make an incredibly fun game and would be a great twist on a classic game, come on if Rock Band can get it’s own Lego spin off, surely Sim City can as well.

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