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Today marks the release of Part 1.0 of my "Build a FPS" tutorial series. This lesson will cover how to build a room with the Leadwerks 3 Engine and best of all works with the trial version.

Chris Vossen

April 26, 2013

1 Min Read

The end result of the fps tutorial

It may have taken a few weeks but the "Building a First-Person Shooter" tutorial series is finally up and running.

In this multiple part series we will build a FPS from the ground up using Leadwerks 3 and Visual Studios 2010 C++.

Part 1.0 is all about creating a room and covers:

  • Using brushes to sketch out a room

  • Materials

  • UV Manipulations

  • Lights & Lightmaps 

If you're interested check out the tutorial:

Or if you just want to fool around with a trial version, you can download a 30 day demo here:

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