Key Factors To Game Style

Key Factors to Game Style By Kevin Gallant, Game Instructor NBCC Miramichi Sept 2010 Items of reflection after 15 years of mentoring students to build games. Each point is based on the type of style of the game and not dependent on genre.

Key Factors to Game Style

By Kevin Gallant, Game Instructor NBCC Miramichi Sept 2010

Below are some items of reflection after 15 years of teaching students to build games.  Each point is based on the type of style of the game and not dependent on the genre. 


a)      Asset placement – top down prioritizing studies

b)      Proportion – Comparison and Contrast – used to encompass both likeness and differences

c)       Repetition – reuse modular assets which seem different but use generative designs

d)      Attention – getting words, phrases and statements that bring emotion at each level

Unity and Coherence

Unity is the quality of oneness where coherence is the orderly connection of one idea with another so that each follows smoothly and logically toward a predetermined objective.  The objective is the needs of the user and their behavior. Know the behavior and relate it to the idea of real-life events. 


One word which describes each level or scenario.  One word should be able to reflect an analogy, a figure of speech or a reference which the gamer can easily identify the predictions.   This predetermined prediction gives them identity which may cause the prediction to “jump” off the screen and prepare the element of surprise. One word should describe the complete level.

The “you” attitude instead of “I” or “We” attitude

Sight – you are seeing what signals that allow us to navigate and make decisions.  Hearing – you hear shattering explosions which give you signals to run and hide.   Touch – you throw yourself into a scenario that is new and exciting to touch.  Attitude – face the challenge with a solid fun factor.  Challenge – it is your audience not “I” like this – trust your audience demographics .

Positive vs Negative tones

It is all about motivation and what drives the gamer.  Positive feedback goes a long way for game design techniques.  Keeping it clear and concise.

Courtesy and Tact

Where did the etiquette go in gaming?  Have fun but design games that have values and proven ergonomics

Correctness and Precision

It has to be accurate and too scale.  Don’t compromise on quality.   Be precise.

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