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Jesus in Video Games

Where does Jesus fit in video games? The question is brought to the light by Aaron Burton.

Game Developer

September 14, 2010

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Im an avid fan of video games and i make them aswell. I have been conviceted by the spirit to create a fun christian game. I sometimes think to myself that the task is an impossible one. Wouldn't god know more about fun than us. Have we been so focused on destruction, spells, and sports?


Don't get me wrong, I play violent games sometimes. But most of the things that are found in games are not scriptural. In fact there against most of the teachings. But the fact that its virtual reality lightens this matter. I just feel that god wants his game to be released to.


We have :     Rappers and christian rappers

               Comedians and Christian Comedians

                     Movies and Christian Movies


but what about video games and "Christian video games"


There must be a way to forge christ into yet another media form such as video games.

Im puzzled aswell on this matter because the things that are fun to us are usually not holy.

Maybe its impossible. who knows. This may be the thing that makes or breaks my carer as a game designer.


what do you think?

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