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Identifying the iPad 2's impact for gaming.

Andrew Spearin, Blogger

March 2, 2011

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Everyone in the tech world (or at least my work place) inevitably heard about, and likely would like to own, the iPad 2 unveiled today in San Francisco.

Once I saw passed the red leather cover, the feature that peaked my interest is AirPlay

With wireless connectivity to the screen through Apple TV, there is potential for games to be played simultaneously on both screens.

The iPad 2 being a large interactive surface, can overlay game controls for the user. The tablet as a peripheral device adds information to play with.

The Kinect for XBox is a peripheral device utilizing the user's physical body as the control. This is evolving the thumb and joystick gaming pads and duck hunt guns. iPad maintains use of fingers and arms to control. 

Much of the pitch by Jobs and those other guys on stage is what it can do (amazingly) beyond being a physical object. 

The audience is influenced by the connotation conveyed by what the iPad 2 can show them.

There are of course, the limitations of the processor. Is the iPad 2 ready for developers to push its boundaries?

Once it is in our hands, we should know.

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