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Introduction to a new blogger and a new project

A new bloggers' introduction. First words on his project - The Afterworld.

Adam Rebika, Blogger

July 8, 2012

3 Min Read

Hello everyone.

                My name is Adam, I live in France (Clermont-Ferrand, most beautiful city in the country, you should really come and visit it) and study International Management. My career plan, as of today, is to get in the video games industry (how surprising for someone on that website) as a producer, so as to get enough experience to someday start my own company.

                Ok, now, why am I writing this blog you’d ask? Well, I have spent enough time browsing this website to understand that the best way to start making games is… making games. Except, for now, I’m pretty much on my own, and I am far from having all the necessary skills to make a video game on my own. So, I chose another media, close enough to games – PnP role playing games. They have the same link between gameplay and storytelling which, for me, is the basis to any good project.

So, I have decided to create a new PnP game, called The Afterworld, from scratch, as a first experience in the creation of games. My goal is to really get a system and a universe that would work together, so as to maximize the immersion of players.

On this blog (I’m finally getting to it), I will regularly post about my work to get some feedback and to share my creation (once it’s done, anyone will be able to download and play it for free). But I will also regularly comment on the video game news and various topics concerning the industry.

                I guess you might wonder what this game is. Well, here is the intro of the game! More to come very soon:


Well, you died. And it is much more enjoyable than what you would have expected. Oh, of course, you might have suffered, if you died of illness or in an accident. Maybe you got hurt in a remote place and starved there, lying on the ground and hoping until the very last moment that someone would come and help you. Or maybe you died very quickly, one bullet in the head – you’ll never know the guy who shot you. Or maybe you have awaited this death, old an alone. Were you alone? Were you with your family and loved ones? Were you with strangers?

                Actually, you realize that you don’t care. You now feel better, much better. You have been freed from all the obligations of life: eating, resting, breathing, or even staying on the ground. You’re floating here, merely existing. And it feels good. But more importantly, you feel a very strong sense of relief: of course you died, but you had the time to do what you wanted to do. You achieved this one goal that you have been following all your life and now you realize that it was the most important thing you could have ever done. You realize how personal and how powerful that goal was, how every step you took in life was leading you toward that one goal. Memories slowly start to come, and then you get a glimpse of something else, something more, like when you’re trying to remember a dream that slowly fades away – you see other lives, hundreds, maybe thousands of them, you don’t know. You see all the failed lives you lived, all those times you died unsatisfied. And now you feel even more relieved: you understand that all of this is finally over. Now, you stop learning, you start acting.



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