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Introducing the Unity ARKit Remote

The Unity ARKit Plugin allowed you to use your Unity skills to create ARKit experiences, but now its even faster to iterate in the Unity Editor by using the Unity ARKit Remote.

Jimmy Alamparambil, Blogger

August 9, 2017

1 Min Read

(Reposted from Unity Blog)

When Apple announced at WWDC that ARKit framework was going to be part of iOS11, there was great excitement in the development community, as most people saw an amazing opportunity to create incredible AR experiences that could be felt by a large audience.

Unity had worked with Apple during the previous months to create the Unity ARKit Plugin, which was released on that first day of WWDC, and allowed any developer to use Unity as a content creation platform for ARKit apps. The demo videos of ARKit apps using that plugin started streaming out over the Internet.

Today, we announce a new feature of our Unity ARKit Plugin: Unity ARKit Remote. This allows developers to prototype their experiences in an agile manner, reducing their production timelines drastically. Previously, when a developer needed to iterate on the scripts and on editing objects, they would have to build out to an iOS device to test their changes. Unity ARKit Remote allows you to run a special app on the iOS device which feeds ARKit data back to the Unity Editor, allowing you to react to that data in realtime in the Editor.

Here’s a video of how it works:

Unity ARKit Remote is available as part of Unity ARKit Plugin:

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