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Interactivity mishmash Pt 2

As somebody asked, I will try to explain some topics not completely "cleared" within the original post.

Fabio Daniel Ribeiro, Blogger

July 6, 2009

4 Min Read

The other day I wrote an article about the new controllers presented by MS and Sony at E3 this year, but as I see some people can't understand exactly what I meant with the text - maybe I forgot to put and "end point "to the text, or something like. So now I hope I can clear any doubts about my original words.


First of all, Nintendo showed us the Wii system, promising a complete new way of looking (and playing) games; but when we get the actual console, we don’t have all the experiences we were waiting for – most of it because what Nintendo presented to us, but we didn’t found in the actual play. (Note: I personally think that this is related with the Wii sales’ recent diminishing we saw by the sales charts, but that’s another story).


Then, at this year’s E3, Sony and MS showed us new controller alternatives to the Wii, and for me it seems that people over the industry is more favorable to the MS one. I think that Natal will be more successful than Wii (even because of the console’s processing power delivering better graphics), but will not offer much more than Wii offered to us. Sony’s controller to me is the best option to date (with the information we have about them), but I think their controller will fail as well when trying to bring us the dreamed “interactivity freedom” in which the game will mimic (and understand) our moves, opening a huge new room for improvements on what we now see as videogames and game production.


More than that, I think we will need maybe 3 or 5 years after the launch of these new controllers for us to see a new one that really offer us an experience that is convincing enough to not let us lose the “magic” this kind of user interaction promises. I say this because for this to happen we will need a completely new way of thinking how to make games, which I don’t believe can fit with the actual consoles and game creation processes. Moreover, there is the space-consumption thing that I said in the other article, in which I think Nintendo could do better than they actually did with Wii, and I think Sony and MS will not be much more successful handling with.


If you’re reading only this piece of text, probably you will only say I’m an idiot. But I will just recommend you to read the original article on the subject, where I explain in detail my opinion – which now I hope is clear enough. After reading everything, feel free to comment, say what’s still incomprehensible, etc. Thanks for the comments, Ian!

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