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Inovation in Gameplay

Hi, I'm Michael and I want to get the opinion of all you game makers out there on new and innovative game machanics I have in our game.

Michael Canty

March 25, 2012

2 Min Read

Our game is Steorra Lectio and the game incorporates some new game mechanics.

1. Up to four players in the campaign

2. Dynamic character play and selection. The game will choose the character that you will play in the story every time you play. This will allow the player to play the game multiple times as a different character. Each time you play you will need to adapt to the new role in the game and learn to play the role of the character you are.

3. Video capture of key play to create a 1minute video of you gamplay to view and share with your friends.

4. Characters engrams. These will be the prompts that will help the player cue to their characters part in the story.

Now I realize that in order to get a player to play your game for more than a few minutes the game must have some challenges and story that keeps them interested to continue. By introducing the ability to train a player to a specific characters role rather than their skills, I believe that you then involve the player in the games story at a higher level.

Give me your thoughts as we just launched our product on Kickstarter and am hoping that someone else sees our vision for a game with a better evolvement of the players in the games story as a benefit.

Michael Canty


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