Incremental Game Review: Trimps

This is my game review on the idle game, Trimps. Read about my experience with the game and how much fun I had playing for a weekend.

At first, I was lost as I never played an Idle game before, but now I'm addicted. The first hour of gameplay was just me figuring out what all the buttons on my screen do. I figured out that the game had to be related to the incremental population of "Trimps". I then realized I can use my "Trimps" to fight my battles on a grid in the lower right corner ( located bottom right of image). Every time I defeated a foe, I would move up the board gathering items, rewards, currency (in form of gems), and material. The mining of materials is substantial for progressing your community of "Trimps". Materials and others are split into their own squares with the amount of material you have in your storage and the mining rate per second (located near the top left corner of image). So I would say the game has multiple currencies as form of payments of objects or progression systems that would help further increase my population of "Trimps" (located top center of image). 

This is where I was split on if the game incentivize me to take a break. Initially wanted to watch my population of "Trimps" grow, but mining for resources takes a lot of time and patience. So in the earlier stages I maxed out my resources in a few minutes, but now it takes hours. Therefore, I would leave the game and do something else, while it ran in the background to farm resources and let my army of "Trimps"  on an autopilot fighting mode. The only thing my game really needs me to really do is all the upgrades in buildings, weapons and gear, and assigning workers to jobs to increase the resource mining rate per second (located bottom left corner of image). And with the upgrades I would wait to gather all the resources to upgrade the weapons and gear to great levels. Which would let my "Trimps" zoom through zone levels.

My final thoughts about the game are that it's addicting and simplistic, in a good way. I enjoyed how words and numbers on a screen kept me engage by emerging me into my world of "Trimps". My goal throughout the game was to get to the highest zone level I can before I lost interest in the game. I constantly checked the game for the first couple of days, but now I rarely check it while its running. I would recommend my friend to play the game with a warning of making sure they don't have urgent tasks in their lives.


Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 6.36.41 PM.png

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