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If I were a ninja

A little poetic anecdote about the problems that the industry might face with motion gaming.

If i were a Ninja.


If I were a Ninja, free as can be,

I'd rule the world, I'd rule the sea.

I'd be quicker than a flash, and quicker than the eye,

i'd slay the evil men, and i'd even fly.

I'd spin around so fast, it would cause cyclones,

I'd hack and slash, through fifty men's bones.

I'd be the most powerful Ninja, to walk the ground.

I'd have lethal kicks, and i'd make ninja sounds. (like bruce lee)

My hands would move like lighting flashes,

My enemies would fall in numbers, bleeding from their gashes.

The time it would take for them to draw their weapon,

Would give me all the time, to send a thousand of them, to heaven.

If I were a Ninja, free as can be,

I'd rule the world, I'd rule the sea.


But now with the wii, and natal around the corner,

i wonder how, my ninja skills i will honour.

how will i swing faster than lightning?

How will i kill, like a shadow in the dark?

If I can't press buttons to do the fighting,

How will i defeat the evil lord datark?

On my own i'm nothing but a weak little boy.

my body can't move like the ninja i want to be.

 I feel like I've been cheated, with these fancy new toys.

I know I can't melee like a ninja can melee.

So what's the point of gesturing with a mote?

So where's the fun, in being limited by me?

I thought the whole point was living in a fanstasy anecdote.

But instead, I just feel like I want to be set free.


If I were a ninja, Free as can be,

I'd rule the world, I'd rule the sea.

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