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Hypership 2 Video Analysis

Talking about the latest video of my latest project Hypership Out of Control 2.

Kris Steele, Blogger

May 28, 2013

3 Min Read

By now you have likely seen the latest Hypership 2 video footage close to a hundred times. If not, check it out at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWbS3ssCOAc

I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time and talk about some of the new changes to Hypership you've seen in this video. By no means are these all the new changes you'll see but rather just most of what you'll notice in this early version of the game.

Most obviously, we've crafted a deep and meaningful story. The simple line "Oh no, not again" conveys so many emotions... terror, annoyance, disappointment, regret, hunger, madness and perhaps a little lust. I expect to win no less than five "Best Story" awards for this brilliant yet simple storyline. William Shakespeare personally rose from the grave just to congratulate me on the greatness of this writing.

After that, you can see that we've clearly upped the graphic quality of this game. The original Hypership was done in lower resolution and scaled up four times. Partially this was done because I have an unhealthy love of pixel art but it was also done for cost reasons, as I pay others to do the artwork for my games due to a talent for art that peaked in the fourth grade. Thanks to a hot streak at the Blackjack tables, Hypership 2 will boast 1:1 graphic resolutions just like nearly ever normal game today. The same bright and vibrant colors featured in the original will still be there (along with an off-kilter sense of humor) but it'll all look a lot better.

Hypership 2 also features several parallax layers of blocks, just like real life space. The effect is so realistic that you'll feel like you're Neal Armstrong himself flying through space at breakneck speeds on a collision course with the moon and certain death. There are also layers of blocks you can fly underneath. So that's cool too, think of it like driving under an overpass except without the annoying high school dropouts trying to throw chewed gum into your open convertible top.

Many people really enjoyed the original tunes of Hypership. This time around we're moving on from chip-tune music to a more rocking beat with organ melodies (music is now by Zack Parrish). I'm not good at describing music so just go and listen to the video again, your ears will thank you.

Lastly I wanted to make the reasons for collecting coins more meaningful in this game. In the original, every 100 coins increases your score multiplier but I believe a lot of gamers didn't realize this and thus weren't as motivated to collect coins beyond any natural tendencies for hoarding. So to that end, once you collect 200 coins, your single laser upgrades to a dual laser, effectively doubling your killing power. Double killing power is something no gamer will miss. We can only imagine what should happen were you to collect 400 coins...

Anyways, I do hope you've enjoyed the video and learning a little more here about it. By no means is this all Hypership 2 has to offer but rather a taste of what we've been able to include so far. Stay tuned for more Hypership 2 news.

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