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The third part of this “series”, and now talking about a subject that, for some reason, a lot of people like “villains”.

Vitor Bulbovas, Blogger

October 10, 2016

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All right, first of all, whats a villain? Well, villain is the one that does everything that a society considers wrong, even i four society thinks it is right. For example, a villain could be a guy that recues kitties from fires, as long as the society he’s in thinks that rescuing kitties is a wrong thing to do.

            Most important of all: if you make a villain for a history, never, NEVER, be shallow. It has to be reaaaaaaaally deep, as deep as the hero. You can make a really deep hero, that has a very full lore and background, but if his villain only do things and has nothing behind, where’s the fun? All villains are dramatical characters, remember that.

            The first rule in antagonist creation is: a hero is as good as the villain can make him. For instance, take Batman and Joker. If Joker were a shallow person, how could he make Batman a great hero? See? It wouldn’t be half as fun!

            Lets tackle this “deep” stuff again, but now, from another point. When you make a good villain- a deep guy and everything-, you’ll also make your hero deeper. If your hero doesn’t kill, for example, he could question himself about killing the antagonist, because he is so wicked, that our hero has to tackle the problem from another view.

            We also have two kinds of villain, a small one, that robs some stores or banks, and do all kinds of small crimes. And, the bigger villain, usually the nemesis. The bigger one the all kinds of big crimes: great bank heists, killings, and thing like that. But, never forget, those two have tugs, guys that will try to beat the hero before the main villain shows up, those dont need to be deep, but they have to visually comunicate who they work for.

            This is basically what you need to make a great villain, in next post I’ll talk about supporting characters.

            Link to my last post:http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/VitorBulbovas/20160930/282427/How_to_create_your_own_stuff_characters_PT_2.php

This post ends here, folks!

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