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Back to “how to create” series, now I bring my favourite subject: characters.

Vitor Bulbovas, Blogger

September 30, 2016

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First of all, I’ll talk about heroes. Why heroes? Well, they’re as easy as they’re hard, and I mean it. Thinking about a hero is pretty easy, I mean, you can make a guy thats “super something”, put him in a fancy suit and voilà, a hero, but, well, you know whats behind the “hero making process”?

                Hero is the guy who takes the history and drags around with him and/or is the knight in shinning armor that defends the ideals of the society he’s in. For example: in Old Greece, the heroes were courageous demi-gods.

                A hero always sacrifices something for the greater good, but it cant be anything, the sacrifice has to come from within, because, well, you cant give up on the neighbours and become a hero. They always have to pass on some tests, like overcoming a hard enemy or something like that. They also have na internal conflict AND a personal conflict, these could be his morals and his vendetta on whoever killed the guy who knew how to make the best fried chicken in the world(no, seriously, if someguy like this exists, and someone kills him, I’ll be there). And, above of everything: how does you character looks like? Why? Well, characterization, dude. Really, if your character is an assassin that only uses black, you cant put something yellow, or, if you draw a character from the 80’s, and make him a person that does no uses gun, you cant give him a plasma gun, because it is “plasma”, and because it is “gun”.

                There are some types of heroes, you could make na action hero, who usually fights to get things done, a relutant hero, the one who does not want to be a hero, the romantic one and no, he’s not the one who get things done with flowers, he’s the one who does things only if it helps him in some way. There are the “super” kind of hero, the ones who have something special, like Batman or Superman, and, last bus not least, the tragic one, that always end up in a sad way, either because he did something good, but paid the price for it, or the one who does something that ends up badly, but a least one person is saved or something like that.

                Now, the last topic, the anti-hero. He’s the last one because it is really short, just see: the anti-hero is the one with improbable qualities OR without the qualities from a hero, like, a hero saves even the bad guys, the anti hero kills everyone. And, the anti hero is the line between the bad(villain) and the good(hero).

                Well, I still have some more to talk about cahracters, but it would take too long, so tune again next week.

                My last post can be found here: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/VitorBulbovas/20160920/281692/How_to_create_you_own_stuff_universespt1.php

This post ends here, folks!

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