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Now I’ll try to help you guys to create your own things from scratch-kinda-.

Vitor Bulbovas, Blogger

September 20, 2016

3 Min Read

So, Universe huh? Well... Whats that about?

            Well, a universe is where you set your story. Yeah, basically it. In it you’ll have people, and cultures, and historical figures, and all this kind of things.

            Well, I know, it sounds plain, but we’ll get into it later. First of all, I’ll have to talk about the rules.

            We’ll, when you’re in a universe, you’ll have a set of rules. In our universe, laws-which are different from each country or so- and the physics-which are the same for everyone-. For instance, if you’ll create a character in our universe, it has to follow our laws and physics, even if it doesn’t obey them. Sure, he can be a criminal, but, if he kills someone, the police has to search for him, got it? Well, to know the rules from a universe, you’ll have to study one, or create your own one, but, trust me, its easier to use one.

            If you make your own universe, then you already know its rules, if you use one- wich I strongly recommend-, you’ll have to study about it, but it is fun, promisse!

            “And, why do I need to study it again?” you could be thinking, well, because you can’t make a serial killer in Star Wars world, they just dont get along. Star Wars is a “family universe”, in which everything is planned to enjoy the dad, the mom, the daughter, and the son, not only the adults or the kids.

            And now we get to the next topic: how to choose one universe? It is easier than it sounds, actually, but you have to know at least a bit about every thing. First of all, you’ll have to think about the character, and, with this in mind, you’ll have to think about his major qualities and see in which universe they go, or, better yet, you make the character while thinking about the universe, it is easier, but only works if you don’t have your character of choice yet.

            Now you have a character set in a universe of choice, well done! But, wait, theres something missing. Oh, yeah, friends and exclusive itens! Well, just think about the universe and fit those things in. How he/she met his friends? Why? When? How he/she got his weapon? Does he/she have a mechanical arm? A weapon of choice? Sorry if I’m a little plain right now, but, talking about characters and itens will be taken to another blog post, again, sorry.

            Exemple time! Here, you made a royal guard, now... lets see... the universes you can fit it are: steampunk, Middle Earth, medieval, and star wars. Ah, Middle Earth. Now, how about equiping him? And giving him friends? Writing his story with this all in mind? See, its not that hard! And, it is really fun.

            Now you may be thinking: “well, I can redesign, and I can choose a universe, but, dude, I can’t write about my character!”, sorry, I know, next time I’ll talk about char creation.

            The last topic in this blog post is: how hard is it to create your own universe? A lot. I mean it, a lot. My choice of tittle wasn’t that good, now that I’m thinking about it.

            The hardest part in creating your own universe is: making something different. We have a lot of possible choices like-take notes, it’ll be in the test-: steampunk, cyberpunk, dieselpunk, Middle Earth, medieval, Star Wars...the list is huge, so, creating another thing thats only yours is pretty tough, I. Mean. It.

            I’m not saying it is impossible, theres always something to write about, but, if you’re starting this writing stuff, then, trust me, go for the existent ones, and, if you already made your own, I bow to thee.

            As I already spoiled to you guys, next time I’ll be talking about character creation, so, tune in to learn more, well, if I can teach...

This post ends here, folks!

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