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How to create a successful game: Things to never Overlook.

Developers have ideas that simply are great for a game, but these qualities simply are what I think is that impact the players the most. In exception to the Sports Games, of course. Unless it has an original story.

Michael Acosta, Blogger

May 29, 2012

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Every day, there are a lot of games out there that we can agree that have huge GOTY Potential. And we all have different tastes and likes in a game, also ideas that seem perfect fot those certain games. But there are things we must consider, or never overlook. Of course, it's not necessary to add all of these, but these are qualities that simply can affect the game in a positive way. These things, obviously will impact the player. 


1- Emotional Characters


In every game that gave you an impact, there was always a character that merged with you and have strong feelings for that character. Whether it may be a friend of the main character or relative, this character always seems to be the one to make you laugh, cry, etc. And after a few moments through this character's life, your emotions seem to change. This character usually gets you more into the game more than the main character. Most of the time.


2-Variety of Choices & Weapons


Games that gives you large amount of choices, usually are one of the best games. Why? It gives the player more freedom rather than giving him a story that it's already Linear, or that has little choices. With a huge variety of choices, the outcomes can be different, and make the player get more interested in another playthrough. With many different choices, comes different stories. Plus with different Unique Weapons, the player's experience will obviously change.


3- Opening his world


Games with big maps usually are those that give players more freedom to explore it. With many awesome Landmarks and Missions, the player feels that a whole new world is there for him. Although the player can get lost, he will find his way out eventually. And to fix the whole lost problem, developers should give the player a map of the area, that is accurate. But when huge places like the map above are created to explore, there's no telling what could lurk in every corner. This builds up the Player's suspense and curiosity.


4- Need for Multiplayer?


Let's face it, the Online Multiplayer usually boosts up more than 15% of the Replay Value of a Game. While others play with friends, others want to take out the rest of the world. There are great Single Player games out there that has no need for a Multiplayer, but adding one expands it's audience to buy the game. While a lot of Gamers don't like the Online Community of some games, we cannot deny the fact that thanks to this, the game is one of the most sold games out there.

5- Customization


Giving the ability to create their own character, obviously will want him to experience his story. While in other games you cannot customize your character, they usually have one or more of the things listed above this. But when you give players the ability to create their hero, it's like watching the life if his son. This boosts up their morale and their will to finish the game.


6- A Story they will never forget


More than 60% of the players that buy a game, it's for the Story. If the game's story is bad, they won't bother playing it again. If it's good, they either want more or keep playing the story. Just like TV Shows and Movies, there has to be a story that attracts their attention. Otherwise, no one will watch.


7- Awesome Dynamics & Gameplay

I'm not gonna lie. Gamers like awesome Dynamic Effects and Gameplay. This will increase the Replay Value more than you think. While I love blowing up some melons in Resident Evil 4, the gameplay is just peachy. 


All of the things displayed above combined makes up for #8

8- A reason to play


You can't give a player nothing and expect him to play the game. You must obviously give him more than one reason to play the game. While games have their Online MP modes, others have their SP modes. But each thing has their Reason to Play. While each game has their own reason, it attracts their Target Audience, no matter how you look at it.


But most importantly, All of the things above this will boost up #9


9- Replay Value


Replay Value is extremely Important in a game. A game without Replay Value usually is because there's nothing to do, nothing good or not a lot of things you could do. When you mix everything all together, it will boost up the Replay Value and give it a huge potential for GOTY. 



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