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How the Game & Watch Impacted Nintendo's Handheld Gaming Product Vision

Many folks know about the Game & Watch, but how many know the impact that it had on Nintendo's handheld gaming? In this video, learn more about how important Product Vision is, how you can use it to drive your product growth, using examples from Nintendo.

Janessa Olson, Blogger

May 12, 2020

1 Min Read

About a year ago I wrote an article on Gamasutra called "MVP Like Nintendo in 1980", which discussed how the Game & Watch was Nintendo's Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of it's handheld gaming.

I decided to make a video that dove a bit more into what Product Vision is, why it's important, and how you can use it to help drive your own product growth and development, all while using examples from Nintendo and the Game & Watch. 




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