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2017 has already knocked on our doors by making several promises to change our world for better. Do you know how mobile games will impact our lives in 2017 and beyond?

Chris Mathew, Blogger

January 18, 2017

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2017 has already knocked on our doors by making several promises to change our world for better. So, how can the mobile gaming industry be remained oblivious of these changes. In fact as per the trends that we saw in 2016, mobile gaming is only getting better with time thanks to the cutting edge innovations taking place in technology.

There is already a growing craze among mobile game lovers around the world, which has kept them waiting at the edge of their seats. The increase in the sales of smartphones and tablets in the recent years has significantly paved the way for newly improved and exciting mobile games.

While the early mobile games were too simplistic and clumsy, the modern games, on the other hand, have come of age. Their improved graphics and picture quality have made them engaging in a number of ways. The dramatic development of the gaming apps be it for Android or iOS or BlackBerry device, has undoubtedly allowed mobile gaming to rise along with bringing new trends and changes to the market place.

Growing Virtual Reality

The year 2016 had seen an increased development in the field of virtual reality. From Sony’s PlayStation VR to Pokémon go, to the Super Mario Run, the mobile gaming industry saw a complete turnaround recently. So in terms of virtual reality, 2017 will no doubt bring a gradual expansion in the gaming experience. This growing popularity and use of virtual reality in mobile gaming has transformed the gaming industry from a low key platform into a multi-billion dollar business across the world. The introduction of virtual reality has also allowed the gamers to play fighting games for free online by joining various forums and platforms.

The virtual space is going to enhance even more in the coming time and the people coming together in it will interact as if they will physically interact with each other. So the growth in smartphone industry and gaming technology is very important to make more interactive virtual reality.

More Innovation to Offer

The mobile gamers will find even stronger reasons to come and play together because of the new innovative trends in mobile gaming. It is also expected that the IP based games will see an upward surge in 2017. The businesses are now paying a lot of attention to find the correct marketing mix for their games. Therefore a strong collaboration is going to appear among developers, live operations and marketing strategies to develop a competitive market for mobile gaming. Also, as far as online gaming is concerned, mobile phones are fast becoming competitive media platforms in the world that will give competitive choices to the consumers.

Growing competition for developing better quality and low cost games

The mobile phone industry is also characterized by low development costs of gaming apps and as a result, mobile remains fluid, which is evolving in line with the expectations of the consumers. In terms of growing competition, mobile technology is quite capable of making competitive strides in order to offer better quality and low cost games. With each passing year the mobile devices are getting up graded with better hardware and technology. This effectively amounts to their increased capability of constant improvement in terms of graphics and cutting-edge consoles.

Keeping in view the mobile games’ artistic and entertainment value, it can be argued, therefore, that this form of gaming is here to stay. Without any shred of doubt this new form of gaming experience is accessible, low cost and innovative that has successfully appealed to numerous potential gamers of today.


Highly Accessible to Consumers

The mobile gaming is at a crucial point of its developmental phase as more and more people are joining the bandwagon of this unique experience. It is reaching out to more consumers and is becoming a reason for generating more revenues for the gaming companies. The much improved platforms have allowed a diversified range of mobile games that can be played on our smartphones, which were hard to fathom sometime back.

Therefore, the internet based gaming services have found more opportunities in the form of gaming apps or mobile-based games. These online mobile games will allow more players to participate simultaneously, which will also be free to play for the users.

The above factors seem to be the clear indicative of the fast changing trends in terms of online mobile games for 2017 and beyond.     

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