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How can we use Twitter in Games?

A short piece based around a generic concept and how Twitter can enhance the player's game experience by making use of his/her followers.

Dan Brewer, Blogger

April 1, 2009

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What's it all about? Well for that, you can go check out the twitter homepage. But I always sum it up by calling it microblogging, because that's just how I roll! (if you're going to ask me what 'blogging' is, I may slap you!) A little bit of buzz in the 'biz', is the question;

How can Games Designers harness the power of social networking? 

I'd like to take a minute to have a punt, so sit right where you are!     

Concept : Survival Game with a theme of 'having someone out there'

 If we can imagine a game where the protagonist wakes up, very much like '28 days later', to an empty city and has to explore and find the answer to his/her's current situation.The player might come across story elements involving other survivors or even just clues.

As the player interacts with these elements and makes different choices, affecting the outcome of the core story, the game could use the players twitter account to 'tweet' the action taking place in the game. This allows the game's content to be affected by the player's twitter followers.

  • Followers could @reply and have their message displayed across electronic boards or TVs within the game's world.

  • Followers could @reply and offer the players tips or even attempt to trick the player by offering false information. The replies could be read out by an automated voice in the game environment to create an endless supply of UGC (user-generated content) that could add to the player's immersion and attachment to the game world.

  • If a player has found their part of a uniquely-generated piece of a larger puzzle encompassing every player's game world. They could communicate their piece to the rest of the world through twitter. For example"'TwitterGameJigsaw': My part of the magic book has a rune of a stork and a picture of the sun"

Well there's something to think about. Eastenders is on and I need to see what happens! I'll twitter what I think afterwards, because I know the world will want to know one day! ;)

- This was a post from my own blog, have a gander! More stuff to come!  


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