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Help With Game Design Career Questions

Hello all,I need someone to interview.

David Li, Blogger

December 9, 2009

1 Min Read

Hello, I made this post beacuse I'm doing a research paper on a game designing career. My teacher requires me to interview someone. I believe she means someone with knowledge of game designing and a bit known in the field. If someone was to answer these questions could you please also include your first and last name. Thank You.  Well here are the questions:

1.What does a Game Designer do?

2.What kind of education is required?

3.How long does it take to design a game?

4.What kind of grades do you need?

5.What is a good school for this career choice?

6.Is it better to take the courses online or at school?

7.Is there a easy way to get all the courses ahead of time?

8.Is there different courses for different games that you want to design?

9.How any people does it take to actually design a game?

10.What kind of games do they design?

11.Are all games able to be sold?

12.Do some games get thrown away and then get restarted?

Thank You again to whoever answers these questions. 

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