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Games on Facebook--why bother?

In my limited experience, games on Facebook are tedious time-wasters.Is this what games have come to, ways to kill time, and so boring that you spend real money to get ahead faster? Mindless...

Lewis Pulsipher, Blogger

January 1, 2010

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I've tried a couple Facebook games and found them . . . absolutely tedious, pointless, just a time-killer, like many puzzles--and I don't like puzzles at all.   But these aren't even challenging puzzles, they're much too easy. The impression I get from reading about such games is that they are pure time-wasters, with the added aspect of trying to persuade the player to recruit friends to be additional players, and to spend real-world money.    Many have that aspect I DESPISE in games, that you can spend money and gain advantages (just like CCGs (Collectible Card Games), which I also despise as a player, though I have to admire the clever "racket").

Is this what games have come to, ways to kill time, and  so boring that you spend real money to get ahead faster?  Mindless...  On the other hand, millions of people play them.  But they're not the kind of games I want to design, for sure.

Unfortunately, some of the major purveyors of these games have allowed very shady practices to become common with the "free" games on Facebook and Myspace.  See

One game I played was Dragon Wars (I'm writing from memory of playing a couple months ago).  There appears to be no way to lose, you choose quests that you know you can win.  The "recruit your friends" angle was strong.  On the other hand there wasn't the obvious "spend money" angle.

I also tried Crazy Planets (again, a while ago, I think I'm recalling the title correctly).  This game involved a little skill, as you had to judge what angle to shoot or throw to kill the enemy, but it was Very Simple.  And Very Tedious.  Perhaps more playing would have revealed more depth, though it seems unlikely.  You could accumulate points to get better weapons, or (IIRC) you could buy them with real money.

What a waste.  I am not an addictive type of personality, maybe you need to be to enjoy these games?

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