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This is a showcase of the gazebo I modeled for a group project in a computer modeling class I took this past semester at California State University of Chico.

Jessica Johnson, Blogger

December 21, 2016

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For a group project, each of my group members, myself included, were assigned to each model a building based on a pre-existing game map, and so we chose to base our buildings off of the Hanamura Map in Overwatch. I chose to base my building off of the gazebo found in that particular map.

I did not create my model to look exactly like the reference. I decided to make the entrance bigger with no gate in front of it. I also changed the color palette of the gazebo to have more red and white so it would look more ornamental.

I modeled my gazebo in Maya 2017, which was later exported into Unity, and so my first concern with modeling this was creating the curves found in the roof, which I fortunately found could be easily done through the use of the Poly Cut tool.

I did not texture the outer walls or pillars because I wanted those pieces to look like they had been painted over, so I decided to just lay out bump maps for them. In fact, I drew the bump map for the exterior wall myself in Photoshop CS6.

I took advantage of the human model one can import when modeling in Maya 2017. He had about the same proportions the player in Unity would have, so this allowed me to make any adjustments in the size and proportions of my model.

Above is a final screenshot of my group's project in Unity, with my gazebo on the right. I believe it turned out pretty well, especially along with the bridge one of my other group members had created, which is on the center left, next to my gazebo.

This is a project I can say I enjoyed and had little problems with, and when I did encounter a problem, I found a solution to it quickly and easily. When working on future projects, however, I would like to take the time to put more detail into them by:

  • modeling some more ornamental pieces around the roof's structure

  • simply adding dirt and wear around certain areas of the building

I would also like to create more complicated buildings in the future, especially seeing how I feel my final product was a success.


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